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Throughout our history, Remarque has provided experienced IP professionals to make the management of your patents and trademarks both easier and more reliable. We are able to manage the complete lifecycle of your patents, trademarks and related intellectual properties. We offer a flexible structure, providing weekly or monthly services depending upon your needs. We can also accommodate peak periods in your workflow. By outsourcing the management of your IP docketing records, your staff is available for other responsibilities. Or, if you prefer, Remarque will train your personnel.


As intellectual property specialists, we are knowledgeable in all aspects of prosecution and maintenance of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. Changes in US law, such as AIA, and all multi-national treaty requirements – including GATT/TRIPs, PCT, Madrid Protocol, CTM, and RCD – are followed. We have extensive experience with the high technology companies of Silicon Valley, the Aerospace Industry and Agribusiness of Salinas and the Central Valley.

We offer a broad scope of valuable IP management and consulting services customized for each client. Our seasoned, professional staff works as an extension of your team, efficiently and effectively managing administrative details and enabling you to focus upon strategic issues. Remarque guarantees accurate entry of its client’s data into the IP database and the continuity of its maintenance.

Remarque’s global IP prosecution and docketing experience enables us to provide docketing related services including customized docketing and reporting for patents, trademarks, copyrights, contracts, customs and domain registrations, as well as client database set-up and customization and docketing training.

Our administrative services include paralegal training, procedures development, proofreading (including preparation of Certificates of Correction), and notary services.

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